Being a school bus driver, I had severe lower back and shoulder pain which really made my job difficult. I was speaking with one of the students moms and she recommended that I see Dr. Dehors. I had been to several chiropractors in the Syracuse area and was not enthusiastic about seeing another one. The lady kept insisting that Dr. Dehors is different and I really should give him a try. I had nothing to lose at this point, my pain was not letting up. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Dehors and after the exam, he used an instrument on my shoulder. What really amazed me was that when Dr. Dehors was touching areas of my back, he knew exactly what hurt. I left there with still a little pain. I figured that the next day it will be back again, with a vengeance—I truly cannot believe that my shoulder pain was gone, 100% and my back pain was much less. On my second visit, Dr. Dehors gave me a few exercises to do and since then, I truly am pain free. I asked Dr. Dehors how he was able to help me while the other 4 chiropractors that I had been to were not successful, he said “that he has a lot of respect for chiropractors, but most of them went to school 15-20 years ago. There have been many advances in the chiropractic field and unless they go back to school and come up to speed, you will only be getting what they were taught. In essence, in 1995 they had dial up, 2012 you can get 50M cable internet. With the relief Dr. Dehors has given me, I can honestly say he is the Best Chiropractor in Syracuse.